NO Contracts, No Memberships, No Hidden Fees!

We are a training facility offering Personal Training and Group Classes. You can buy your sessions in advance and use them only when you workout! They don’t expire so if you end up travelling, get sick, or busy at work it’s fine. Unlike traditional gym memberships you don’t pay for time at they gym that you don’t use!

Why pay for a membership AND a trainer?

At Le Gym JUST pay for a trainer! You don’t have a degree or certifications in training, but we do! Just like you would visit a lawyer for legal advice, you should visit a trainer for fitness advice!

Paying for a gym membership AND a trainer can be expensive. So cut the membership and just pay a trainer at Le Gym! All of our trainers have certifications and not only do personal training but also teach group classes!

Our Location

Our Mission

Le Gym is a private personal training facility owned by coaches Robert and Pearl Maalouf. We aim to provide unmatched customer service and provide clients with the most up to date information to design the most effective workout programs.

Our vision is to become an inspiration and be the leaders in the field of health and fitness.

What We Do

We specialize in optimizing human performance in all facets of life. Each member at Le Gym comes with unique needs and performance desires addressed through assessment and goal planning. Members will receive a customized program designed to achieve their desired results – be it weight loss, health, performance or even rehabbing injuries.

Le Gym offers customized workout design with an added focus on enhancing mobility and agility. A body that moves well will attain faster results and minimize the risk of injuries.

At Le Gym you will be surrounded with positive attitudes, have fun workouts and get results.

Le Gym coaches continually educate themselves to give members the most effective and up-to-date information. We dedicate ourselves to providing the best possible service and creating life long clients.