10 Not-So-Basic Black Leggings You NEED!

By: Pearl Maalouf BS, FMSC, CPT, CF-L1

When you open my legging drawer there are some neon colors and funky prints, but honestly, there is a LOT of black. Why? Black is slimming, it’s versatile, and most importantly (TMI) it hides crotch sweat….if you’ve ever worn gray leggings during a cardio session or a boxing class you know what I mean!!

So even though I have too many black leggings…I just can’t resist looking and shopping for more black leggings…and If you saw my recent post on facebook as I was packing for my Euro trip, you’ll see that I always default to black leggings- especially when travelling-because I don’t want to spend precious vacation time deciding what to wear!

Here are some of my top picks of black leggings that are e-p-i-c! From prints that shine, to mesh, to details that will WOW, these leggings should be on everyone’s “To Buy” list…oh and i think the holidays are coming up soon 😉


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