How to Properly Wash your Activewear

If you are the type of person that buys nice workout gear and cares about making sure that $75 pair of leggings last for a long time then this article is for you! The worst thing would be to have to get rid of clothes because they have a permanent stick to them. 🙁

1. Don’t throw your sweaty clothes in the hamper right away.

Air dry them before putting them in the hamper – don’t keep your clothes moist and trap the smells in your clothes all week (or however long) until you do laundry.

2. Turn your clothes inside out before you wash them.
The dirtiest part of the clothing where all my skin cells and sweat has rubbed into. So let’s get it clean!

3. Use a laundry regimen MADE for fitness clothes.
Try using specialized detergent that’s made for removing odors. Check out your local supermarket to find brands that advertise odor removing technology. This will hopefully keep your clothes smelling good not just after you wash them but after you work out too!

4. Use cold water.
This prevents the color of your fabric from fading!

5. Ditch the dryer!
If you want to be extra cautious, hang dry your clothes NOT in direct sunlight. The heat from the dryer can change the fit, reduce elasticity over time, and possibly alter the performance of your clothes.

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