SweetFlexx – REVIEW #FitFashion

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As a new mom my time is very stretched, then add in the fact that my husband and I run a gym together and that I was back to teaching classes one week after giving birth you could say that finding time to work out in between all of my duties as a new mom was very difficult to balance. But I had learned about this clothing brand called Sweetflexx. They make clothing with built in resistance bands that transform regular leggings and shirts into clothing that’s not only cute but also functional! The resistance bands add 4 pounds of resistance to the leggings so with each step you are burning more calories and working out without even knowing it. I loved wearing the leggings around the house and when I was out for errands, especially on days where I couldn’t go to the gym.
Robert also got a pair of their black resistance band leggings which he enjoyed wearing around the house on his off days from the gym! If you have an injury that prevents you from working out, this is a great way to still keep some muscle tone in your legs ad burn some extra calories while you’re just going about your normal day to day activities!
sweetflexx-wear-your-gym-review-4Does this all sound too good to be true? Well Sweetflexx has testing that was done at Yale University to back up their claims! They found that the research participants burned 30 to 40 extra calories per 30 minutes while wearing the Sweetflexx leggings! Now just imagine the effect if you were to wear these leggings for a few hours! It’s a great solution if you have kids that keep you busy or hectic work schedule. Busy with exams at University? Then just put on your resistance band leggings and get to walking! It’s a seamless way too burn calories and improve muscle tone without too much effort!


Can you see those awesome calorie burning resistance bands?

Check out Sweetflexx’s website to learn more, then connect with them on facebook, instagram, and twitter!