New Year’s Resolutions – Are they worth all the hype?

By: Pearl Maalouf BS, FMSC, CPT, CF-L1

Right after Christmas all the marketing, articles, blogs, and social media posts immediately change to all of the New Year’s Resolution-ers. All the ads change from candy canes to fitness clothes. Self-help books rise to the bestseller lists. But these resolutions are notorious for not lasting past February, maybe March. So why do people bother making resolutions? What’s the point?

There are some people with a personality type where they can, at any given time, commit to making a difference in their life and actually go through with it. It doesn’t have to be on a “Monday”, their birthday, or even after a “near death experience”. They can just wake up with an idea and put it into effect. The rest of us mortals need something to motivate us, to push us to make these changes in our lives…like Mondays, or our cute little nephew commenting “Your belly is so big and squishy”. 😳

If it weren’t for these annual Resolutions, would some of us ever commit to making changes in our lives? Would we ever take a careful look at our habits, evaluate our successes and failures, and try to find ways to make ourselves better mothers/husbands/brothers/daughters or just better overall as a human being? I honestly don’t think we would, which is why these resolutions are so important and shouldn’t be taken as a joke. An annual opportunity to evaluate and work on yourself is a great thing! In our busy and hectic lives taking time to improve ourselves is something that we don’t always value or commit to. All we focus on is making money, paying off loans, buying the latest gadgets/cars/clothes without improving our quality of life.

Even if you fail year after year at keeping your resolutions past March, remember that in the action of making resolutions and carrying them out for awhile, you have grown and improved as a person. You have taken the time to evaluate yourself, look at your strengths and weaknesses and have realized that you are not perfect. You have accepted that you can, and will change yourself – for the better – and I know that one day you WILL get there!

That being said, I truly do hope you reach all of your resolutions, and that they become a part of your life. Whether you committed to being more active, cooking more often, having more family nights, or the ever popular, losing weight, please do share your resolutions with us in the comments and share this with your friends to keep them motivated about their resolutions in 2016!

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Pearl Maalouf

Pearl Maalouf

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