10 Longevity Tips

Some of these tips might be common knowledge BUT there may be some new ones on this list! Some of these are fun, easy things you can do…or maybe you didn’t realize just how important something as simple as laughing can do to improve your quality of life!

Which of these longevity tips are you going to incorporate into your lifestyle?

1. Eat Purple Foods
The nerves in your brain connect to one another to send messages and signals for your brain to function. As you age, your brain can lose some of these connections causing your brain to become slower in sending and receiving signals and causing you to age more rapidly.

By eating purple foods such as grapes, blueberries, pomegranate, eggplant, beets and wine, you can help protect your nerves and even form new ones to reverse aging in the brain. Add one cup of purple foods to every meal to boost your brain power.

2. Keep Your Bones and Muscles Strong
If your thigh muscles are weak, chances are you will become more frail as you age. So it’s time to strengthen those thighs to keep you young and agile.

Standing on one leg strengthens your thigh muscles. Every morning, stand on only your right leg for 10 seconds. Then switch to your left. Repeat three times on each leg for best results. Being able to balance will not only strengthen your thighs, but your brain as well!

3. Lower Your Stress Levels
Stress impacts our bodies in many ways and too much daily stress can lead to early aging and health problems. Every time you get stressed out your heart rate rises and has to work harder. In order to lower your stress and your heart rate, take a nap!

Naps are extremely beneficial because when you’re asleep you don’t respond intensely to stress so your heart rate is able to neutralize and strain is removed off of your body. We’re constantly busy and sometimes napping may seem hard and out of the question, but taking the time to stop and nap every day can improve your health and increase your longevity.

4. Stop Eating When You Are 80% Full

When you eat until you’re full – or overly full – your metabolism slows down, digestion becomes harder, and you age faster. If you only fill 80% of your plate and stop eating when you’re 80% full, your body will promote a metabolism that protects your cells from aging damage.

5. Eat 7 Walnuts a Day
The omega-3s in nuts protect your blood vessels. Eating just seven walnuts a day can help keep your heart healthy and even prevent heart attacks. Eating nuts every day can add five years onto your life!

6. Go to Bed An Early Every Night
For every hour of sleep you lose your risk of developing high blood pressure increases by 37%, which can increase your risk of a heart attack or stroke up to 16 times. Adding just one extra hour of sleep can increase your longevity. Turn off all electronics early, stop watching TV and make sure you set a strict earlier bedtime.

7. Laugh Every Day
Laughter naturally makes us happier, but it also has the potential to increase our lifespan. Laughter boosts our immunity and even helps us burn calories, increasing our longevity with each joke, article, picture and TV show. Make sure you laugh several times throughout the day to keep your spirits and lifespan up.

8. Have Sex
Sex doesn’t only make us feel good, but it can actually make us live longer. New research shows that having sex regularly helps us look and feel four to seven years younger.

9. Have Coffee with Friends
Amidst our busy lives it can sometimes be hard to find space in our calendar for our friends, but it’s extremely important that we do! When it comes to longevity, social isolation is equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Try and make a promise with yourself to get out once a week and meet a friend for coffee to increase your longevity.

10. Vitamin D
Vitamin D is the most important thing to help you increase your lifespan because it protects against cancer. People with low levels of vitamin D are linked to conditions such as diabetes, asthma and even certain types of cancer. New research shows that vitamin D can kill human cancer cells, so take 1,000 IUs of this super vitamin every day.

From Dr Oz

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