Grassroots – Beirut – REVIEW

Even if you’re not into fitness you’ve probably heard of, know someone, or have done a juice cleanse yourself. Whether it was for one day, or for a whole week (!) juice cleanses have been seen as a quick fix to shed some weight, jumpstart your metabolism, or to detox.

However juice cleanses are HARD and can sometimes be dangerous since the juices are low in calories. Enter Grassroots, a juicery based out of Jdeideh that has an online storefront but will deliver your fresh cold pressed juices to you, wherever in Beirut you may be! The theory at Grassroots is that these super juices should be a part of your daily routine, not part of a crash diet. They truly want you to be healthy from the inside out so they promote a wholesome diet and a sprinkling of juices to boost your health and vitality. 

You can check out their website and see the different health boosting juice packages they offer. You may notice they offer quite a few other yummy treats as well. We got to try a few different juices and loved that they weren’t too sweet – we prefer our juices to be loaded with vegetables! One item that we tried that really stood out to us was their “Coco Love”, it was SO refreshing and the coconut flavor was so light and smooth. It is made with activated almonds, purified ozonated water, Himalayan pink salt, vanilla, Coconut meat, Coconut water, and medjool dates! YUM.

Each 330ML bottle offers the equivalent of up to two pounds (one kilogram) of fresh produce, but without the bloating from all the fiber. Although you may try to eat as many fresh vegetables and fruits as you can it’s just not convenient if you’re in an office or on the go. If you have kids introducing them to cold pressed juices are a better alternative than the pasteurized boxed juices sold in most stores. Cold pressing allows more of the nutrients to be available and therefore has a much shorter shelf life (only 3 days!) compared to the regular juice boxes that can sit on shelves for months.

If you have any other questions let us know and we’d be happy to answer them! Check out Grassroots on Facebook, Instagram, and their website!

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