Pregnancy: A Time to Grow

By Josiane Azar

Pregnancy can be overwhelming but it can also be a time for reflection and retrospection.
It is said that pregnancy is a rebirth for the mother; a deep spiritual experience that will help you flower and bloom. Follow a few of my tips and make the most out of this special time with your changing body and growing baby:

  • Take time to understand the changes that are happening inside of you not just through books, but by meditating, and taking time to be aware of yourself.
  • Take a walk in nature and breathe in slowly with the affirmation that each and every step and breath you take are empowering you and nurturing your growing baby.
  • As you are preparing for delivery remember that you need nothing but yourself. You already have everything you need – yourself. You just need to reconnect to your natural instincts.

Prenatal yoga is also a practice you should consider during your pregnancy, for it will not only keep you fit, physically comfortable and free from most of the pregnancy-related aches, but also take your experience into a deeper realm: By emphasizing on the breath during postures, your level of concentration will increase and you will gain control over your thoughts. Relaxation is an important part in yoga with tremendous benefits because the relaxation is not only physical but also mental and spiritual for you and your baby. You will become more sensitive to the changes in your body, to the connection that you have with your child from within the womb. In conclusion you will gain a new and higher perspective on life and the birth.
All you have to do now is try it for yourself. 🙂

About the author:

Josiane Azar is a certified Yoga teacher. She has been practicing Yoga since 2010 and obtained her Teaching certificate in 2014 from The Sivananda yoga Vidya Peetham in Varkala / India. She started teaching ever since, while continuing her training and personal development on the yogic path.

Josiane is also a certified Midwife and has worked for 10 years in that field which inspired her to give prenatal yoga classes.
You can find more info on prenatal care  by going to her Facebook page, or her personal page to follow her schedule, workshops and yoga retreats.

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