Top 10 Must Have Tools For Your Health

Top 10 Must Have Tools For Your Health

By: Pearl Maalouf BS, FMSC, CPT, CF-L1

There are so many tools to help you on your journey to a healthier and fitter lifestyle but not everyone can afford to get all the latest products. This list breaks down the essentials that you need…keep it handy for birthdays, holidays, graduation gifts or when you want to get something new to support your healthy lifestyle!

Foam Roller

Chances are if you’re looking to improve your lifestyle you’ve started exercising a few times a week, which can really take a toll on your muscles! Soreness, knots, tension…besides a hot body some of these are also the effects of working out. If you don’t want to (or can’t) shell out your hard earned cash on massages try a foam roller instead!

small foam roller
What about “No Pain, No Gain”? But why have pain if you can avoid it?
Use a firm foam roller before workouts to relax and smooth out knots and in between workouts if you’re feeling sore! Pictured above is the smaller size which is easy to take to the gym and on trips–long flights in uncomfortable chairs can make your back and neck feel so stiff! Below is a bigger size to keep at home and use while relaxing and watching your favorite show!

foam roller
Yoga Mat + Kit

For the aspiring yogi! There are tons of yoga DVDs and YouTube Channels that you can do from the comfort of your own living room. This yoga kit has everything that you would need from a towel, straps, and block! For those of us that take yoga classes in a gym or studio it’s always a good idea to bring your own mat because you just never know how often those mats get cleaned!

Personally I love having my own mat in my house, because there are some days where I have *just enough* motivation to do a quick workout…but not enough motivation to actually go to the gym 😛 so having a fun colorful mat handy gives me a little space to get into the zone and do a few sun salutations and ab moves.


trx home kitHaving a fitness tool that you can use to train back, legs, arms, chest and abs sounds like it can be e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e not to mention space consuming! But with a TRX system you can train your entire body with just these two hanging straps. 🙂 I think I probably use my TRX in every workout no matter what I’m training. Even though you’re only using your bodyweight as resistance it can be so challenging!

Love my TRX!!

Love my TRX!!


You might already have this in your kitchen but if you don’t it’s a really great addition to your healthy eating toolkit! If you’re trying to avoid using too much oil while cooking steaming is a great alternative. This basket adjusts to the shape of the pot that you’re using and can fit quite a lot of veggies! Sometimes people “steam” veggies just by throwing them in a pot with some water and cooking until the water evaporates, but this method makes food taste really wet. The steamer elevates the food out of the water so it doesn’t have this wet feel. I really love getting artichokes and steaming them with my basket with some lemon juice sprinkled on top! Yum!!

strainerVeggie Chopper

There are two reasons people give for not preparing more home cooked meals: time and not feeling comfortable in the kitchen. A knife can be pretty intimidating and if you’re not good at using one, a chopper can easily solve your problem. Within seconds you can dice an entire tomato or onion–with no tears! With that problem out of your way you can be sauteing fajitas and making your own salsa in no time…just be sure to invite me over for dinner 🙂

chopperJump Rope

Want to work on your hand eye coordination and maybe have some childhood nostalgia while working on your cardio? Get a jump rope! It’s the most underrated exercise that’s really so simple and doesn’t take up any space in your house! At first everyone looks like a troll trying to do ballet and you’re probably going to hit yourself with the rope but when you get the hang of it…WOW it’s really a fun cardio workout and amazing for building endurance. Don’t believe me? Try jump roping for 2 minutes and let me know how you feel 😛

p.s. My fav song to jump rope to right now is Get Low!!

Pull Up Bar

A pull up bar is another super easy, low cost, low maintenance fitness tool that gives you so many benefits! Pull ups are a complete upper body workout, utilizing your shoulders, back, chest and even your arms. Even if you can’t do a pullup you can work on negative pull ups, hangs, or even do leg raises to work your abs!

But you really should improve your pullups–you never know when you’ll have to pull yourself up on a branch to avoid a rabid animal…or something 😉
pullup bar

At-Home Coffee Maker

Everyone loves coffee but not the price tag attached to them in cafes. A lot of commercial coffee drinks also have excessive amounts of  sugar, flavorings, and coloring! Of course you could always use a regular drip coffee maker or Keurig. But having a nifty new coffee maker, especially like this Italian coffee maker, makes the process more exciting and feels more luxurious. I recently discovered this style of making coffee on my honeymoon in Italy and I bought one for myself immediately! The process of making coffee is ingenious–and it’s really environmentally friendly! No filters and no k-cups to trash. You could always use a french press or any other home coffee maker– the point is that if you make it yourself you’re less likely to add as much STUFF (like sugar) that they add in cafes! 

italian coffee

Glass Bottle with Sleeve

Ever since the news of how bad BPA plastics are we saw the popularity of glass bottles in the marketplace. I argue that even if you’re on the fence about BPA or don’t care you should still get this bottle just because it’s so darn funky! 😀 I love it!

glass bottleWater Infuser Bottle

Water can get boring. We can all probably agree on that, #FirstWorldProblems, so let’s get some Fruit Infused Water in our lives! WAY few calories (and sugar) than fruit juice, with all the flavor! I love all the different combinations that you can you put together like cucumber and mint. It makes an ordinary bottle of water transport you to a mini spa retreat 🙂

fruit water

Pearl Maalouf

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