Cheat Meals 101

By Tamara Khoury

You’ve managed to successfully go through another week of clean eating and now it’s your cheat meal day! We all look forward to those days, especially since we truly deserve a time to indulge in the sweet, salty and fatty stuff that just makes us feel good.

Cheat meals have long been a topic of discussion in the world of nutrition because many of us think of cheat meals as cheat days; we take the day off and indulge in whatever we want. Although in theory this sounds brilliant, in reality, it doesn’t quite work this way. I definitely indulge once a week on my favourite foods mostly to keep me on track throughout the week. We all deserve a meal off!
It’s important to have meals off but do so in a way that doesn’t harm your progress. Here are 7 ways to maximize your cheat meals and maintain killer results.Fast_food_(282678968)

  1. Stay away from foods that you already eat throughout the week. It sounds obvious but many of us don’t know how to cheat and fear a decline in progress therefore, may tweak existing meal plans and add an additional piece of fruit or a piece of meat. It won’t work this way as you’ll end up feeling deprived of what you really crave and may lead you frustrated, irritated and may result in giving up. So, make sure to have a proper cheat meal.
  2. Schedule a cheat meal! It may harm your progress if you don’t have these meals. Not taking time off will result in a weight/progress plateau. The purpose of a cheat meal is to spike your insulin level and shock your body in order to fight a plateau. Your body will eventually adjust to this new ‘normal’ of healthy eating and might slow down your progress. In a nutshell, cheat once a week to reboot your system, it’s a must.
  3. Remember it’s a meal and not a day, just like you plan your weekly meals makes sure to plan which meal you are taking off.
  4. Whatever meal you decide to take off, make sure to stick to your plan the rest of your day, normally. For example, you decide to take lunch off, make sure to have your breakfast and dinner as usual.
  5. Indulge with a friend/family, it’s more satisfying than eating alone
  6. Cheat meals will not affect your weight! Think of it as a time to shock your system, just like you cleanse your body throughout the week, you need to shock your body once a week and reboot it.
  7. Whatever meal you decide to indulge in, make sure it’s three courses. Pick your favourite appetizer, main dish, desert and dig in! That way you’ve covered everything your taste buds have been craving over the last week.

Fast_food_01_ebruHappy Cheating!
Tamara Khoury is a fitness enthusiast in Dubai, who has been running marathons since 2012. She ran marathons in Spain, Jordan, Lebanon in addition to, cycling across the Netherlands. She is currently qualified under the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) and is studying to become a certified Stott Pilates Instructor and a REPs certified personal trainer. You can find her on Instagram and Facebook!

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