Most self help articles or books on how to be happier name exercise, eating well, being social, and regularly taking time for yourself to focus on your well being as surefire ways to improve your mood. If that’s true then it only makes sense that the healthiest people are amongst the happiest as well. But then does the opposite also hold true? Are happy people healthier? Research says that happy people have stronger immune systems and so recover from illnesses faster and don’t get sick that often.

What can you do to make yourself happier and more active? Check out the suggestions below and let US know what you’re going to start doing in your life to be happier and healthier in the comments 🙂


It’s not that happy people never get upset (they do), it’s just that they don’t let upsetting feelings linger. While the unhappy people tend to think in circles – without focusing on generating a resolution – the happy address negative situations, seek a solution, and move on. Be a problem solver, not a dweller! If you’re not making it to the gym as often as you’d like, instead of beating yourself up over it, try to pinpoint what activities are unnecessarily taking up too much of your time and commit to fixing the issue.


It’s not about how much money you have but it’s about how you spend. Happy people tend to invest across three general categories: personal growth (one-on-one time with a trainer), experiences (a 5k color run), and other people (your niece’s favorite treats). Why? Working toward something is linked with an elevated mood. Experiences – more so than material goods – can further our goals and make us feel more fulfilled.


Take two similar workouts: a long solo run and a group run. Although solo workouts can be a great release, when you get involved with other people – even strangers – you’ll likely have more fun! So grab a group of friends and join a local fitness class together. There are lots of running groups hosted by Nike or other sporting stores that will provide you will a group of people will a similar interest as you!


Every moment of your life from your daily commute to work, the cup of tea you have at lunch or even just the sun warming up your legs as you sit on your couch can make your day so much more enjoyable. The next time you’re feeling a little down try to use all of your senses to really savor your daily life experiences.


Being healthy or fit is often measured by the majority of people – especially in the beginning of their wellness journey – and that usually means by constantly weighing yourself. With clothes, without clothes, first thing in the morning, the day after a huge meal, etc. Although you do need to track your progress to meet your goals, doing it in excess can cause you to be unhappy and unmotivated when you see a small fluctuation.  We usually recommend waiting 4-5 weeks between checking your weight/bodyfat.


Pearl Maalouf

Pearl Maalouf

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