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By: Pearl Maalouf BS, FMSC, CPT, CF-L1
If you follow us on social media then you’ve already seen this announcement, but just in case you haven’t (!) here it is:


That of course was the image I created for our Blog/Business Page which fits our theme perfectly. However I wanted to make a more personalized announcement for my page, so I created this one below:AUG 2016 (1)

For those that don’t know me personally, the last half of 2015 was pretty rough for me. Since may of last year I had two miscarriages 👼👼 back to back (3 months apart). I really worked hard on the website during this time – it was a great way to distract myself. My amazingly supportive husband took us away on a mini European getaway after our second m/c and it was a great opportunity to gain clarity and perspective.

One day Robert said the most powerful thing to me. He said our little angels 👼👼 wouldn’t want me to be worried or sad, and they would watch over our next pregnancy. I guess he was right and so we are ecstatic to announce that we’ve been blessed with our rainbow baby, due this summer!

We also found out we’re having a boy and Robert is already planning out how he will train him in the gym 😅

Now that the secrets out I’ll be updating you all on my training and eating habits as I progress!👶🏼 Now that I’m finishing up my first trimester my energy levels are back to normal-I don’t feel the need for daily naps anymore thankfully!!😴 Also miscarriage levels are much lower now and even though I know exercise has nothing to do with miscarriage-after two miscarriages 👼👼 I just didn’t feel comfortable exerting myself. 🙈I did low or body weight volume workouts and light yoga the first two months. Now it’s been two weeks that I’ve been steadily increasing the weights and the intense bloating that I suffered the first two months is slowly subsiding. 🙌

In this vid I took on Monday I’m on my 4th set doing trap bar deadlifts with about 110lbs-50kgs on it. It felt great! Tuesday the hubby trained me on boxing, and then Wednesday night I did a boxing class at my gym!

I’m excited that I’m back in the gym and honestly @chontelduncan has been a great motivator for me!! 🙌Watching her kick butt and eat healthy in her pregnancy has made stop making excuses for myself (also helps that my nausea is subsiding and energy levels are up!). I want to put that great energy that I got from her back out there into the world…and this is my first step in that direction! 👍

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Pearl Maalouf

Pearl Maalouf

  1. Congratulations Pearl & Robert! Wishing you a safe and healthy pregnancy, and looking forward to your diet & fitness updates during this magical period.

    • Sorry – just saw this Danielle! Thanks so much! I’ve already started my fit pregnancy updates as you’ve probably already seen 🙂

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