Are Custom Meal Plans Worth It?

I believe that all people know enough basics about nutrition to make good choices. For example, we all know cake is bad and salads are good. But let’s say you want to take your diet to the next level because you have specific goals that you want to meet or maybe you don’t really know what you should be eating, or how much. At that point should you consider working with someone to get a custom meal plan drawn up?

By a “custom meal plan” I’m talking about a 4-8 week meal plan where you are given a list of foods that you should eat for each meal. Whether you have fat loss, performance, or even general health goals, I really don’t think that a custom meal plan would be beneficial for the majority of the population. Unless you are a person that really likes structure, has the same routine everyday, and are willing to take all your prepared meals with you wherever you go -then a meal plan probably won’t work for you.

In the real world people travel, they have emergencies, they get invited to social events and we all need to know what foods to eat in order to reach our goals. You need to know that if you get stuck running from meeting to meeting what snack can you grab from the cafe, or how many nuts should you eat when you’re out at a party. When you’re armed with knowledge you have all the power you need in order to make great decisions everyday regarding your food and diet. I think it would be more beneficial for you to pay a nutritionist to learn about your specific needs and to learn general guidelines of what you need to eat.

In a previous article I wrote about what kind of information nutritionists should provide you with when you visit them for a meal plan. Once you know what your daily macro goals are you can see how that breaks down for each meal. Then become familiar with portion sizes of the various foods within each food group, this way no matter whether you’re at home preparing a meal or at a restaurant you know whether or not you’re eating to reach your goals. 🙂

You are then on your way to making healthy eating, or eating towards your goal a part of your lifestyle. It will be a much more natural way of eating for you and a way that will be allow you to have balance in your life to allow to stick with your plan and reach your goals!

If you have any questions, as always feel free to comment below!

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