#FitPregnancy 15 week update – Body Issues & Caffeine

This picture below was taken this morning around 8am before my breakfast shake or any water while I was waiting on a client to show up for their PT session. So it’s really all baby in there! I mention that this was pre-food/water because as soon as anything passes my mouth my stomach doubles in size!!

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I’m going to get really honest here for a little bit. As much as I feel blessed to have my little rainbow baby, I am struggling with how my body is changing. My waist line has been is increasing and add to that all the bloating….it has made me really self conscious about my body. Being in a gym setting for most of the day and having that fitness “label” has made it hard to deal with a growing belly. When I’m by myself I love my belly but once there’s someone else it’s a different story – even if that someone else is my husband. He constantly tells me he loves my new curves and really does his best to be positive. BUT I’ve never been overweight in my life – in fact my “problem” was the exact opposite of being overweight – I was TOO skinny. You can read more about my story here.👈 I know it may not look like much in the picture, but again, it’s without any food. With food and bloating it’s a completely different look which is when I have trouble.

I honestly think pregnant women are beautiful so I’m ready to bring on the bump and waddle around. I’m pretty sure my insecurities will go away once I get a little fuller. Until then I’m stuck at the stage of my pregnancy where I’m not fully round yet – just a little pudgy in the mid section – like I just got back from eating two burgers.😂 I hope taking pictures like this will help me publicly accept my changing body and love it no matter what I look like. Emotionally I hope that this pregnancy will make me a stronger person in the long run and help me love and accept my body as it goes through different stages of life. ✌️

Changing the subject, and to share some information about pregnancy, this week I want to talk about caffeine during pregnancy. My caffeine intake completely changed from drinking black coffee almost every day 😳 to nothing but maybe some green tea (brewed for half the time – about 45 sec to 1 min) and a few squares of dark chocolate a few times a week as soon as we even started trying to get pregnant. I had read in 2008 study that women who consumed 200 milligrams or more of caffeine (about two cups of regular coffee or five 12-ounce cans of caffeinated soda) had twice the miscarriage risk as those who didn’t have any. Now that I’m in the 4th month I still have my caffeine intake to the absolute minimum but I have 1 serving 2 times a week. I consider it my treat and enjoy every drop! I LOVED my coffee previously and I really surprised myself that I didn’t feel horribly cutting it out the first few months.

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