#FitPregnancy 16 week update – Sweet Tooth

By: Pearl Maalouf BS, FMSC, CPT, CF-L1

Week 16 is has come and gone! We are just a few weeks away from the halfway point. I am eagerly awaiting to feel those first movements but haven’t experienced any thing yet! This week Baby and I also visited the Doc for our monthly checkup.

When I first went to the Doc at 6 and 8 weeks pregnant (I was paranoid that something might be wrong after two miscarriages so I went as soon I knew I was pregnant!) I checked in at 62kg (136.6 lbs). At my next subsequent check ups I clocked in at 63 kgs – probably due to the fact that cut down to really light workouts to once or twice a week (from 5-6) and slept a LOT. This past check up at 16 weeks I actually lost weight! Not much, I weighed in at 62.5kg but Doc was ok with me staying the same weight and said it’s normal not to gain weight during the first few months but I should expect to see an increase in the coming weeks.

So in week 16 I didn’t film any workout videos unfortunately mostly because I trained by myself just once on Monday and then did a few classes at our gym. I’ve (of course) gotten told several times to slow down and not workout “so much”. It’s interesting to note that the amount of exercise that qualifies “a lot” really depends on each person. For someone that doesn’t workout at all training 3 times a week sounds intense. But if you compare that to what I USED to do – prepregnancy – which was lift heavy 4-5 times a week, then do my own intense yoga session 2 times a week and occasionally do a boxing workout; training 3 times a week is me slowing down! 🙂

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One thing that I’ve had trouble with is my sweet tooth. It’s not limited to desserts-even fruit! The other day I ate 1.5 huge mangos, a banana, almost a full box of strawberries, and could’ve kept going if I hadn’t run out of fruit to eat! Surprisingly I’ve lost my taste for chocolate treats and am liking fruity sweets like fruit sorbet or Skittles (wild berry!). It is crazy that when ever I eat I always think about the fact that what I eat, baby eats. It makes me definitely want to eat healthier! When I do give in to the “bad sweets” I make sure to get the SMALLEST size sold so I can at least control my portion size a bit. I’d really not like to think how about quickly I could demolish a whole bag/box of sweets! So I’m not putting myself in that disastrous situation.

Pearl Maalouf

Pearl Maalouf

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