#FitPregnancy 24 week update

By: Pearl Maalouf BS, FMSC, CPT, CF-L1
I have really been slacking on posting my #FitPregnancy updates😢😢 I was writing them on Saturday’s so I could recap the week-but these past few weekends have been super busy for us! We have gone hiking and exploring various parts of Lebanon. Not sure if it’s because we know a baby is coming so we’re taking advantage of our “freedom” or if it’s just the good weather that’s got us running out the door every chance we get.

I have been more active on snapchat- so add me on there! I love that you can share what’s happening in the moment. Just a few days ago I was watching one of those animal shows on Netflix and shared a hilarious video of giraffes fighting! (I never knew they did that!)

Training is going well, my strength is about the same with the exception of pull ups/push ups which is to be expected since I never did those with weight before I got pregnant. My belly is not getting in the way of any exercise yet except for when I’m on the rowing machine. As the weather gets warmer I’m finding that I’m heating up in the workouts a lot faster than before-so I can’t go as intensely for fear that baby will get too hot inside. I’ll be publishing my second trimester workout guidelines (you can read my first trimester guidelines here) soon with all of my recommendations from being both a trainer and from personal experience as well. 

So far I have gained 2kgs in total since the beginning of the pregnancy, Doc said the baby is a good size so he’s not concerned about my (lack of) weight gain. My appetite has been about the same, but it is slowly increasing. His kicks are getting a bit more frequent and definitely much stronger which is so amazing to feel the changes! So everything is going well thankfully-with the exception of some crazy annoying reflux! I’ve never suffered from reflux before so this is a very unwelcome surprise. I’ve pinpointed one trigger, tomatoes, but other times I get it randomly.

We are headed to Athens, Greece next week for our babymoon- our last trip before baby M gets out in the real world. If you have any recommendations, we’re open to suggestions! Be sure to add me on Snapchat to follow along our travels!

Pearl Maalouf

Pearl Maalouf

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