Bistro Bar – SerVme – REVIEW

serVme hosted a cocktail party at BistroBar Live in Hamra! We got to try their new food and cocktail menu! Below are a ton of yummy pictures…so prepare yourself! Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the drinks….because we drank them before we even thought of taking pictures 🙈 Needless to say we had a great time! 😅


Truffle Potatoes – If you’re not a huge fan of truffle or you’ve never tried truffles before then this is a good dish for you to try. The truffle flavor was really light – Robert and I usually don’t like truffles but we really enjoyed this dish!


Rock Mango Shrimp – Tempura style shrimp covered in a really, really, thick sauce. If that’s your thing then enjoy!


Sea Food Risotto  – Risotto was a bit undercooked, otherwise it was a decent dish. As for seafood- there was the one mussel and shrimp.


Chicken Tagliatelle – Unless the batch we tried wasn’t good – you should skip this dish. The truffle flavor in the pasta was overpowering and the chicken was dry. bistro5

Rib-eye Burger – There are CHIPS in this burger…that was a first for me and not the last. The burger was great! bistro6

Drop it Like It’s Hot Cookie – YUMMM!


Pain Perdu – Delicious!

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