Chef’s Cut Jerky

Finding healthy snacks, high in protein, low in fat, portable, and most importantly that taste GOOD are hard to find. When I found out about Chef’s Cut Jerky I knew I had to try it!

What really attracted me was that their products weren’t like the typical jerky products you find at the store. Their meats are hand cut and the ingredients are amazing. When I opened their package you could immediately see the quality of the jerky and that their products were actual full cuts of meat, not a heavily processed mixture of who-knows-what.

After taking a few of these photos I opened up a bag of their chicken jerky (Yeah it was my first time hearing of chicken jerky too!) and accidentally polished off the whole bag within a few minutes without even realizing it! Poor Robert was upset because I was supposed to share the bag with him, but I didn’t feel guilty because I had just had a healthy, high protein snack that was delicious! We were out on a SUPER hot day taking a walk around the marina and the bag of jerky was a very convenient and tasty snack. Another feature I love is the color scheme of the bags, with just a quick look at the bag you can grab the pack that you want to take!

With options like Real Steak Jerky, Real Chicken Jerky, Real Turkey Jerky, and Real Bacon Jerky you’re sure to find something that you like. There are also lots of different flavors ranging from sriracha, honey barbecue, maple, and more! I was really surprised at how much I liked the bacon and turkey jerky. Check out all of their collections and flavors on their website! If you’re more of social media person you can follow them on Instagram @chefscutjerky or on Facebook.

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