#FitMom – Cadenshae REVIEW

Cadenshae founder, Nikki Croft, is a fit mom that is creating activewear for maternity and beyond. Based out of New Zealand, the brand is unique in the maternity and nursing world due to the use of bright, vibrant colors. The colors, fabric, fit, and design of her products are amazing and are my favorite nursing and maternity activewear that I have used.cadenshae-breastfeeding-top

As a new mom trust me when I say I know how hard it is to carve out time to workout – and my gym is literally in the same building that I live in. I usually run to the gym as soon as my baby is asleep and by the time I get back he’s ready to eat again. OR if I take him with me he assuredly wakes up in the middle of my workout ready to eat. Basically I have to be ready at all times to nurse him and so having activewear that can accommodate that is really important.

The colors she uses are vibrant and boost your mood as soon as you put one of her pieces on. The fabric she uses feels very luxurious and soft, my husband commented that he wished he had a shirt with the same feel!

ACTIVEWEAR HOODIEcadenshae-hoodie

I gave birth in the middle of summer so feeding in the summer is fairly easy because I can stay in a tank or bra all day and be fine. The problem is when it gets cold – you definitely don’t want to be in a position where you have to lift your shirt up/down in order to feed your baby. Before getting this hoodie I assumed I would have to layer zip up jackets and tank tops to continue feeding Max without exposing any skin to the cold air. This hoodie completely solves this problem with a REALLY discreet zippers providing easy access without having to take off any layers!

LOOSE FIT TANKcadenshae-top

I started out wearing the tank when I was pregnant and was very comfortable even towards the end. I have also worn it post-partum and its is very flattering. Nursing in it is quite easy, the mesh fabric in the middle covers the opening so you just to have to pull it aside to feed your baby. I do not wear a bra underneath – just a nursing pad – as I find the the built in bra is supportive enough for weight lifting and accommodates my small chest just fine. If your chest is bigger or you’re doing more jumping/running it’s recommended that you still need to wear a bra. I would recommend buying a size up as the built in bra runs a bit small in my opinion.


I got this in a beautiful purple color (with a fun green lining) that has stayed so gorgeous even after several washes, spit up, and leaked milk have tried to destroy it! This bra has straps that are thick enough to be supportive but not too thick that they show through racerback tops. Having a supportive bra is SO important especially as you’re getting used to exercising with a heavier chest. The best part of this top is that it comes with it’s own removable padding (surprisingly this is the only nursing bra that I own that has that) which is a great feature!

Nursing activewear is hard to find and stylish nursing activewear is even more rare. Add to the fact that Cadenshae’s owner is a mom herself, you can bet that the designs and usability of the products are superb. They are coming out with many more new products and styles giving the modern nursing #fitmom lots of great options!

You can find Cadenshae on their website, Facebook, or Instagram! Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll try to get them answered for you!

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