#FitMom – Momzelle REVIEW

Pre-baby my husband thought breastfeeding tops were useless and just another scheme to make new parents buy things they don’t really need. However now thanks to my BF-friendly tops I’m able to feed my child anywhere without a cover and people don’t even realize that my son is eating! My hubby now realizes how convenient they are 🙂

Momzelle offers stylish nursing tops, bras, dresses, sweatshirts, and accessories! If you’ve seen my other reviews of #FitMom nursing wear you’ll see that there are many different ways of making a top BF friendly. With Momzelle I was able to try out two NEW styles of BF tops! Who knew there were so many different ways to make nursing so accessible. It’s truly makes me wonder why nursing tops aren’t more readily accessible and/or built in to all maternity tops? As a #FitMom I’m always on the go so having a variety of functional tops is really important to me. From playing at the park in the afternoon to a dinner with friends I need tops that work as hard as I do and that allow my baby to nurse whenever he needs to. There are lots of different styles of tops and dresses offered at Momzelle and I encourage all of you to check them out! Below are the two styles that I tried and LOVED!

Nursing Top Gaby

This light sweater is a beautiful burgundy color and has trendy black colorblocking detail around the cuffs and waist. This top has a large front piece that lifts up to allow feeding access. It does not expose both sides when lifted as I initially thought it would. It is perfect for the cooler months and allows MOM to stay warm as only what’s needed for your baby to feed is being exposed while the rest of you is still warm in your sweater! The opening is very accommodating so even if you have a larger chest this top would still be suitable. Bonus: my son loves playing with the drawstring of the hoodie so he’s not clawing at my face!!! 🙂

Nursing Top Juliette

I LOVE this top and it has quickly been my favorite for going out with my little one. It is stylish and the front drape detail is oh so deceiving! It may seem like a stylish detail, and although it is stylish, hidden among the folds is a side opening for nursing access! The opening has a small piece of double layered fabric so that there is no chance of a nip slip in case your baby suddenly decides to unlatch 😛 As you can see in my picture I have also used this top for pumping and you can see just how discreet the opening really is! I feel so comfortable nursing in public when wearing my Momzelle tops!

The secret to Momzelle’s success, in my opinion, is the amazing ethos behind the company! Their slogan is “Nursing Anywhere, Naturally” so you can be assured that they have designs that are functional and perfect for nursing moms! I highly recommend their products!

Check Momzelle out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. You can also see my other #FitMom reviews on my resources page!

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