Gym 9 – REVIEW

Gym 9 – REVIEW

By: Pearl Maalouf BS, FMSC, CPT, CF-L1


The manager of Gym 9, Marwa, invited us in to check out their new multi-functional training facility. They did an amazing job with the design and color scheme. If you are a visual person then this gym will be a real treat! The best way I can summarize their ambiance is “industrial luxe”. They have fancy equipment with high end finishes but they also have graffiti and exposed pipes. It’s great for someone that wants to work out hard–but not in an old rusty place.


The floor-to-ceiling windows in the cardio and lifting area makes the whole gym feel open and airy during the day even though they have dark colors throughout the gym. When you go there make sure to look up and admire the detail they put in to something that’s very often overlooked…the ceiling! The LED light arrangements, exposed vents and pipes makes them stand out from other gyms in Lebanon.

After your cardio and lifting session you can make your way to the functional area and test your grip by swinging around the monkey bars (I only made it half way across!), flipping tires, pushing a sled on the turf, or if you really want to take it to the next level– get on the SkiErg for 5 minutes and your lats will be on fire!


The graffiti murals throughout the gym are amazing works of art in themselves. The classroom was very spacious with all new equipment. I didn’t try out any of their classes so I can’t comment on the style or instructors. We didn’t go to the gym at peak hour so I don’t know how busy the gym gets during the evenings but when we went (noon on a weekday) there were two other people working out, one with a trainer. But that’s ok because that means that I could take some really great pictures of the gym. 🙂 Check out the gallery below and then check out their Facebook page for any info on memberships- of course let them know you found out about them through and maybe you’ll get some VIP treatment 😉

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Pearl Maalouf

Pearl Maalouf


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