Our Fit Stay at Pullman London St Pancras

When you look for a hotel what features are the most important to you?
If you’re leading a healthy and fitness oriented lifestyle then there are few things that probably make the top of your list like a healthy breakfast and a well equipped gym. Often times we work so hard to get a fit body before a vacation but then undo all of our hard work by eating unhealthy meals out while on holiday. But you can minimize this by choosing a hotel that has amenities that will support your healthy lifestyle.

Our recent trip to London was for almost a week and a week of eating out breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks can definitely do some damage. That’s why it was important that we find a place where we could start our day off right with a nice workout and healthy breakfast. London is a huge city with loads of hotels so I spent a long time on the internet comparing different sites to read reviews and look at pictures of hotels. A lot of the higher end hotels looked great but a good healthy breakfast wasn’t included or their gym wasn’t up to my standards or they were ridiculously expensive. When I came across the Pullman I thought it was too good to be true! The price, breakfast, and gym all seemed perfect! I still kept looking, but eventually we booked our stay at the Pullman St Pancras (with breakfast included) through our agent at Travel Bureau.

When we arrived the hotel was gracious enough to upgrade our room to a Deluxe and the extra space and larger bed was much appreciated! Max had more room to crawl around in and a spot for him to cuddle with us in bed when he wasn’t in the hotel provided playpen/cot.

The next morning we went down to check out the breakfast spread…and it was amazing! They served up a BIG thermos of coffee – which I really needed! – and they custom made Max a bowl of porridge every morning (no salt, no sugar, and no milk).

  • Breakfast details and how we ate healthy every morning:
  • 2 Whole Hard boiled eggs, One egg white (Max eats a egg yolk for breakfast a few times a week)
  • 2 Veggie rolls – these were fried but were all veggies, so these were my little indulgence 🙂
  • a few rolls of smoked salmon and smoked white fish
  • a bowl of their granola, scoop of pumpkin seeds, scoop of chia seeds, scoop of sunflower seeds, mixed with half greek yogurt and half milk. Topped with a mound of a selection of their fresh fruit (blueberries, strawberries, melon, raspberries, YUM).

They also had fried eggs, English baked beans, sausage, bacon, if you want to try out a more traditional British breakfast. If you’re craving more carbs they had a selection of other cereals, beautiful breads, doughnuts, croissants, and more which all looked so tempting! IF you like juices in the morning there was also a line up of vibrantly fresh fruit and veggie juices. Cheese and smoked meats? Also available. Their breakfast really covers all the different flavors that you could want!

If you need a healthy and filling breakfast before heading out for a day of touring and chasing around a crawling baby then this combo was so perfect!

Next up: The gym!

When you first enter the gym you’re hit with an amazing view of London and the iconic St Pancras hotel. Once you’ve snapped a few pictures and tried to get a selfie in with good lighting (very hard to do by the way!), you can look around the gym and realize that it is as spacious as the pictures made it look online! There’s a little set up on the side offering bottled water and juicy green apples to fuel your workout. The “Fit Lounge” as it’s called offers free weights which in itself offers you unlimted workout possibilities; high end TechnoGym machines that can be adjusted so you can perform different movements in the same machine; a smith machine; a few adjustable benches; a few treadmills; and even a rowing machine! This gym has more than enough equipment to keep you happy during your stay at the Pullman.

Address: 100-110 Euston Rd, Kings Cross, London NW1 2AJ, UK
Phone: +44 20 7666 9000

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