Ghent and Bruges Day Trip from Brussels

Brussels and Antwerp are two fairly famous cities for different reasons but I had honestly never heard of Ghent or Bruge before I started researching our trip to Belgium. Fortunately there is a great tour offered through Viator (a TripAdvisor site) that takes you on a lovely tour of both cities. Historical, medieval, gothic, peaceful, and each city is so unlike the other! I’ll include the direct link to the tour below but before that please use our referral link CLICK HERE 🙂 to make your account on Viator and get $10 off your next tour anywhere in the world!

This tour includes transportation by coach and a talented, multilingual tour guide. First up is the quaint, yet bustling, UNESCO city of Ghent. There are several legendary landmarks that you’ll visit but my favorite was the picturesque old port. The waterways that snake their way throughout the city, small alleyways, and ivy laced stone buildings were just beautiful! The full itinerary is on their tour page, click here! The next few pictures are from Ghent, and it was lovely….but Bruges was my FAVORITE city in all of Belgium!

Just a casual walk through the city…..and “Oh here’s a random castle!”

Coffee break before heading out over to Bruges!

Bruges was just breathtaking…which was good because it was so unbelievably quiet there! Again there were a lot of waterways throughout the city, but these were much smaller and filled with geese. The little abbey garden we visited was serene, and of course Lover’s Lake was amazing. I love doing these tours and getting a glimpse of different cities, it really gives you a chance to compare the vibes of the cities and see where you may want to go back for a longer stay. We had a nice bowl of their local specialty, mussels! And we shared a beer flight sampling various kinds of beer…including cherry! There was lots of walking during this tour but it was all just so relaxing 🙂

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