Juicing in Beirut

Juice means different things to different people. For some it brings back memories of little bendy straws and colorful boxes. In the health and fitness community juices are powerhouses of nutrients and vitamins made through many different processes.

There are many different forms of juices. Some are cold pressed or through a juicer. They can be fruity or super green. Sometimes you can even get a juice mixed in with other ingredients to make a smoothie!

Juicing is a relatively new concept to Lebanon but it has been slowly booming over the past 2 years. There are now many different places where you can get your juice fix and they all have very different approaches to their juices. Check out our list below!

This is not a comprehensive list, and if your favorite is not mentioned below please message us!

    • Qi Juices – Badaro – A range of juices and other good-for-you smoothies and even coffee drinks!
    • Succo Juicery – Ramlet el Bayda and Gemmayze – “Green Super Smoothie” is a really filling and super charged drink!
    • 5 a Day – Ashrafieh – We loved the “Nafass” juice made of parsley, apple, lemon, celery, cucumber, spinach and ginger. A little bit of a kick from the ginger that’s balanced with the sweetness from the apple.
    • Juice Up – Sodeco – Lots of Raw Juices and Smoothies to choose from!

  • Fresh and Healthy Cafe – Jal al Dib – besides an extensive juice selection (including Wheatgrass shots!), they also have a full menu of healthy items.

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