The Shogun – Beirut – REVIEW

Shogun is located downtown Beirut on the highest level with a beautiful view of Beirut. When you first walk in the statement table right in the front along with the lighting immediately sets the mood for the night. You know you’re in a for a treat!

We’ve visited before and enjoyed our meal there several times, so you know when I found out they had an offer for open sushi I was excited! To make the deal even sweeter a bottle of wine or sake is included per couple. Sushi, drinks, and friends! What more could you ask for?I would recommend arriving a little early and having a seat at their beautiful bar and having a drink. Then you can move to your table and get ready for a feast of fresh fish.

Most of their regular menu is included as a part of the open sushi offer. We started with a salad and edamame before moving on to the sushi. It was all so delectable….that we ordered another round of our favorites! 😄 The offer is limited to Thursday nights, so make sure to reserve ahead of time as all the tables were full when we went.We highly recommend that you check out Shogun, even if it’s not on open sushi night, as the ambiance is really amazing and of course the sushi is superb. Check them out on Facebook and call +9613030352 to reserve!


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